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Deputy commissioner Cachar addressed media persons

Silchar,15th May: Deputy Commissioner,Cachar, Keerthi Jalli, IAS held an interactive session with media persons at DC office premises on Friday.

At the outset, the new Deputy Commissioner thanked the media fraternity for their wishes and sought cooperation and requested the journalists to convey their experiences and suggestions which would be addressed accordingly.

While some journalists asked the Deputy Commissioner regarding the action plan of the Administration in dealing with the COVID-19 scare and highlighted the issues with hike in the prices of essentials and fish in the markets. Questions were raised from the media fraternity on how will the Administration deal with the flow of passengers reaching homes in Cachar district from outside states via trains. Also, some journalists raised observations regarding violation of social distancing and not wearing masks, shutting down of the Jarailtala LPG bottling plant, status of SLRM centre, migrant labourersand even on imparting education to students via digital learning etc.

Responding to the queries, Deputy Commissioner Keerthi Jalli outrightly said that the priority of the Administration is to protect the district from from the clutches of COVID-19 pandemic and all out efforts are being made. She requested media persons to disseminate the message to the people that there is no reason to panic if and when people who belong to Cachar come back home. All arrangements have been made to keep the district safe and those reaching the district would be examined properly. If anyone is found to be having symptoms of COVID-19, those persons would be shifted to the Silchar Medical college COVID-19 ward while others who would test asymptomatic would be taken to the quarantine centres and kept under absolute security arrangements so that no one can come out for any reason whatsoever. She requested the society to help and co-operate the Administration in catering to the needs of the people who are also a part of the society in which all are living . Those who would be sent home after their results come out to be negative, would be kept in homes that would be labelled as containment homes and ASHA women would be visiting the homes for health updates. The District Adminstration shall see that they get all essential elements and food during the containment period.

She informed the media persons that recently 47 persons who had been kept on quarantine were released after their results came out to be negative and asymptomatic.

The Deputy Commissioner noted down all queries made by the journalists and assured them that with a little more time all the wobbling areas would be settled and streamlined. She urged the media persons to co-operate and said that together all of us can fight the pandemic out from the district and eventually from the country. Additional Deputy Commissioner Sumit Sattavan IAS and Media expert NHM, Suman Choudhury also attended the press briefing held by Deputy Commissioner Cachar….this is stated in a press release issued from DDIPR office Silchar Assam…